European Media Executive Leadership Program
@ etma

Strasbourg, France
June 17 – 22, 2012



Leadership in the Media sector is a complex business where a layer of executive expertise needs to be added to a hopefully existing creative talent. At the Banff Television Executive Program it was a real pleasure to find that the strengths brought by the different candidates could be enhanced and honed by a course that enabled us to exchange experiences, learn to overcome weaknesses, and give us a wider appreciation of how to operate in a challenging and aggressive business environment. It is indicative that several years after attending, many from our year regularly get together to informally continue the process began at Banff. I am sure we are better and more successful executives as a result!

Dr André Singer

CEO and Creative Director
West Park Pictures Ltd, England


While attending Banff's Television Executive Program, the strategic challenge of how to launch our web platform was used as a live case study. This provided a real break through for us. Upon returning home we presented it to our global executive team and now this forms the basis of our multi-media strategy.

Patrick Hoerl

President Autentic, Germany (then Vice President, Discovery International)



A real education in the true sense of the word - giving us wider horizons and a glimpse of how to become the best that we can be. And for the Green Bay, BEL delivered a battery of practical tools which can help us frame our strategy for the future.

John Geraint

Creative Director & Partner Green Bay Media, U.K.

Today's European television, digital media and mobile platform environment is experiencing unprecedented shifts and changes.

  • How does your company position itself to provide value as language barriers and borders erode?
  • How do you build a brand that has national and international strength?
  • How do you leverage a collaborative network of talent to innovate and deliver content the customer will pay for?

Come join us in Strasbourg in June to explore these and other compelling executive leadership issues!

The focus of this 5-day EMELP @ etma is on:

  • strategic thinking and planning
  • understanding the changing world of media
  • branding and market positioning
  • personal leadership style
  • human resources, change & innovation leadership
  • integrating television & media industry processes
  • building asset value through sustainable strategy and/or alliances, mergers & acquisitions;
    as well as providing networking and other professional development experiences.



Banff Executive Leadership News
Issue 31 - Mar./10

Productivity is Job 1 for Executives in Post Recessionary Times

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