The International Institute for Television Leadership is a programming Division of Banff Executive Leadership Inc. operated with strategic partners around the world, specifically focused on the needs and challenges of the television & media industry.



Classical European Executive programs take a somewhat different approach. I found this program to be very thought provoking, strong on practical application and highly insightful with respect to my personal leadership style. The challenge of total immersion in case study problem-solving was particularly useful.

Dr. Josef Lusser

Chief of Staff, Office of General Director
Austrian Broadcast Corporation


It works, it works! I feel like a much better leader/manager after doing AAMELP - more importantly however, we both put into practice quite a few of the techniques/lessons learned at the program and genuinely experienced valuable impact from these initiatives. Since the program we have further engaged BEL to guide us in a strategic planning process for the screen industry of Western Australia.

Tania Chambers

Chief Executive
New South Wales Film & Television



Much of what I learned at the Banff Executive Television Program continues to guide my actions and ideas. From harnessing the drive and innovation of my employees, to making technology serve rather than enslave, right down to recognizing that humour and humility are key ingredients of leadership, Banff opened my eyes to the many paths that lead to excellence. Some I knew intuitively, others were revelations, but all played a role in where I am today and the kind of executive I aspire to be. Thank you Banff.

Sydney Suissa

Executive VP, Content
National Geographic Channels International U.S.A.

Europe Asia North America In today's rapidly expanding world of media, television and multi-platform communications, there is a need for high-level executive leadership to capitalize on the global opportunities of this sector. We recognize that the next generation of executives in this industry are already busily employed in growth and innovation of their organizations. As such our developmental programming is intensive, practical and designed to have immediate application and impact.

IITL's unique learning experiences provide a rich environment to explore issues and challenges, and bring together senior executives in:

  • Broadcasting
  • Production
  • Distribution (cable, satellite, etc)
  • Union leadership
  • Mobile telephones
  • Related fields such as lawyers, set-designer and field service agencies
  • Specialty fields such as new media, gaming and internet



Programs and other initiatives are delivered in Banff, across Canada, and internationally.
Intelligent exploration of industry challenges, strategy & personal leadership practices

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