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Maryantonett Flumian

Maryantonett is one of Canada's top civil servants, with a unique ability to clarify and explain how government works. She began her public service career in 1981 with the Department of Finance. She gained valuable provincial experience while working for the Government of Ontario, and at the Canadian Labour Market and Productivity Centre as Executive Director/CEO.

In 1991, she returned to the federal government as Assistant Deputy Minister, Policy, Strategic Planning and Consultation at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. In 1994, she moved to Western Economic Diversification as Senior Assistant Deputy Minister. In 1997, Mrs. Flumian was offered the position of Executive Advisor on Federal-Nunavut Relations, supporting the Interim Commissioner of Nunavut in setting up the
administrative framework and structure for the Government of Nunavut. In 2000, she was asked to assume the position of Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Firearms Centre at the Department of Justice. Next she was Associate Deputy Minister of Human Resources Development Canada, and now currently serves as Deputy Minister for Service Canada, and also continues to serve as Vice Chairman of the Canada Employment Insurance Commission.

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