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Dr. Ron Dvir

Dr. Ron Dvir started his professional career as a carpenter - specializing in pine wood furniture. This is where he learned the real life facts behind manufacturing, product design and management. Then he became a designer of material handling systems - automatic warehouses, strategic distribution centres, and logistic activities. In the early 1990's, Ron worked for ECI Telecom in the area of Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement.


In 1996 he became the first CKO in Israel, and led ECI's KM strategic program. In 1999 Ron established Innovation Ecology, a research and consultancy practice. It focuses on innovation encouraging environment, processes and tools, such as "Future Centers", Innovation engines, Disruptive Innovation Portfolio Management, and Ideas Pipelines. Ron is a member of Entovation Group/Alliance.

Ron initiated, led and participated in several large scale research projects funded by the European Commission, including NIMCube, Disrupt-IT and Rodeo.
Ron received his PhD from Cranfield University where he explored exchanges and flows of Intellectual Capitals between professional communities. He earned his M.Sc. In Computer Integrated Manufacturing from Cranfield University, and B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering from the Technoion.
Ron is the author of several papers and co-editor of two book:
"From Value to Knowledge - Unfolding the Innovation Cube"
"Are you Ready to Disrupt It - an Illustrated Guide to Disruptive Innovation"


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