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CEO Today & Cdn HR Reporter Awards



We are pleased to announce we have been selected for the 2018 CEO Today, Management Consulting Awards - recognized as one of the Top 100 in the world!

According to Georgina Cook, Awards Manager: “The entire readership and subscribers (148,000) of CEO Today are invited to vote for consultants who they believe are worthy of winning a CEO Today Management Consulting Award 2018. Each candidate that receives the highest number of votes is automatically shortlisted.  The shortlisted consultants then undergo 2 further rounds of research and analysis which is; (1) Analysis and verification of all supporting information received during the voting process, and (2) Website and documentation research for the individual and firm during the last 18 months, adhering to the research criteria. Criteria includes: Involvement in significant turnarounds, restructurings, strategic reviews or notable work; recognised financial and/or legal expertise (by peer group); Innovation in company turnaround; Innovation in client care, products and services.”

Many thanks to the readers of CEO Today for your votes!




We are also pleased to announce we have been awarded the people’s choice award for Management & Executive Development - one of Top 3 in Canada - through Canadian HR Reporter.

As Todd Humber, Publisher of Canadian HR Reporter puts it: "Vox populi, vox dei: 'the voice of the people is the voice of god'. Nearly 3,000 professionals took time to cast more than 65,000 votes! A big thanks goes to our loyal readers for taking time out of their hectic schedules. This unprecedented level of engagement adds even more bragging rights and cachet for the winning firms. After all, these companies weren't chosen by a handful of judges behind a closed door. They vote with their eyeballs on the content our editorial team works so hard to produce. They vote with their wallets - well, more likely the corporate piggy bank - when it comes to purchasing products and services.”

Many thanks to the readers of Cdn HR Reporter for your votes!


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